Vista Paint Protec Metal Primer Adhesion Test Over Powder Coating

We were contracted to repaint the steel on a amphitheater at the Yucaipa Community Park. The steel structure was originally coated with a powder coating. Many have questioned if it is possible if a paint can adhere to the slick tough powder coating surface. The Video bellow shows a adhesion test with Vista Paint Protec Metal Prime over Powder Coating. We degreased, power washed and disk grind-ed the entire surface. The following day I applied Protec Metal Prime, letting it cure for 24 hours I then applied Red – Duck Tape Brand Duct Tape. The 1st test I applied the duct tape pressing firmly and removed, no primer lifted. The 2nd test was done this time letting the duct tape set for 19 hours, I pulled the tape, as you can see in video bellow it griped to the surface tightly. After pulling the duct tape off there was no appearance of the primer delaminating or pulling off with the duct tape.

With the right preparation and the right primer, it is possible to paint over a powder coating

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    • John SS
      John SS says:

      Sounds like the powder coat was removed by grinding and the primer adhered directly to the metal substrate. How does this relate to painting over the powder coat?

      • ewingpainting
        ewingpainting says:

        The only areas the powder coat was completely removed were the areas effected by rust. The remaining surface areas was a light scuff grind, this promoting adhesion applying the primer coat to the powder coat areas. For properly prepping a surface where rust is effected, It is best to grind the effected areas to the raw metal substrate.


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