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Looking for a professional contractor or service provider? Whoever it is we want to make sure they are professional, clean, respectful and most important trustworthy. After all, our most prized possessions are living and breathing in our homes. What if there was something Ewing Painting could do to improve your vote of confidence?

I am excited to announce that we are rolling out video testimonials. We value all our written testimonies! Customers who took time out of their day to write up a testimony speaks volumes about the service provider.  But as many may have experienced, the wondering mind wonders “what if these are fake?“.

Who has time to scour the internet for hours searching for more information? It is impossible to check to see if those written reviews are real. We have many great reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp and other review sites. What better way to build your confidence in us than a video testimonial?

We received our 1st Video Testimonial from another great client. After finishing up on some interior painting I asked “How do you Like it?” Smiling from ear to ear she began to express what so many other customers have expressed to me. I then saw the window of opportunity to ask for a video testimony. Without hesitation she said YES! My mind said “WOW!”……  and what a great testimony it was!


Although we want every customer participating, we understand if you prefer not too. So no need to worry if you are camera shy or just do not want to do it. Do not let that be a deciding factor. I hope whoever it may be, our video testimonials will be a tool to raise your confidence with us.




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