Preparing Your Home For Interior Painting

What do you need to do in getting your home ready for your interior painting project? This is a common question I get asked when contracted to paint the inside of a home. We know how difficult it can be to tear your house apart to get the walls painted. Often time this requires to disconnect your TV’s DVRs and other consuls. We try and make the process as painless as possible. Here are a few tips when getting your home ready for painting.

Don’t worry about the heavy lifting. Our painters are capable in lifting heavy furniture for you. Typically, we ask for of the homeowner to remove any small valuables and prized breakables. Though Ewing Painting has not had any loss, the reason we ask this is because accidents can happen and accidents are not predictable. To maintain our accident-free history and to protect your most prized possessions we ask you to remove them.

If you have a lot of small decor consider removing these item, as it will reflect in the cost. Place them in a box or in another area that is not being painted for the time being. We can do this for you but it would be beneficial for you and reflect in the cost.

You don’t have to get the entire house ready for day one of the project. Our painters are great but they can’t paint a house in one day. As we are working in one area you can be getting the next area ready. As an area gets complete you can place stuff back or use it for temporary storage. Usually a few rooms at a time, so try and have at least 2 rooms or the large common areas ready for the painters to start in.

This is a the basic common question I get when giving interior painting estimates. I hope it is helpful for you in successfully completing your painting project. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions. You can also comment below.

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