Painting over powder coating in Yucaipa Ca

After completing the adhesion test  I posted in my previous article, we continued to do the necessary preparation that included, degreasing the complete surface, power washing and grinding the complete surface. The rust areas we ground to the bare steel. We applied 1 heavy coat of Vista Paint Metal Prime, then applied 2 coats of Vista Paint Protec Alkyd Emulsion Semi Gloss. Below is the video of the process of painting over powder coating. I will be doing a follow up video of a adhesion test after a 3 week cure period.

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  1. Jerry S.
    Jerry S. says:

    I’m assuming you had to liquid paint over the powder coat surface was because the structure existed whereas the individual parts had been powder coated at the factory. I can think of no other reason t paint over powder.

  2. ewingpainting
    ewingpainting says:

    Thanks for the comment!

    You would be correct, the structure was originally powder coated at the construction stage. The structure had rust spots that were surfacing, resulting in having to repaint with a liquid paint.


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