Mill Creek Redlands Episode Set to Air on March 5th

The 1st project (Mill Creek Redlands) we did for a episode of Restaurant Impossible is set to air. “For those of you that don’t know, our episode of Restaurant Impossible is set to air March 5, 2014 at 7 PM PST!!! #excited #nervous,” Mill Creek posted on its Twitter feed at @MCRedlandsBBQ I also took note that Mill Creek is furthering their staffs knowledge with cooking classes posted on Facebook.

This was truly a great experience working with the design team and construction crew of Restaurant Impossible.  I was amazed with the surrounding communities  lending a hand and supplying equipment. Some of the volunteers knew the owner and expressed how great the owners of Mill Creek, this reflecting on their willingness to help with whatever they could. I would like to congratulate Mill Creek for their fantastic opportunity to reinvent their restaurant. I hope for continued success for your restaurant and staff.

We will be posting picture after the shows air.

Ewing Painting also did another Restaurant Impossible Episode (Tooties Texas BBQ in Cathedral City). We will update as soon as we know when that episode will air


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    • Gabe Ewing
      Gabe Ewing says:

      Hello Mr. G, I sure do remember you and you made it fun too. Since you had so much fun I need you ready to go at 7 am tomorrow. :p


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