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I’m back to my blog! I have been busy with a lot of things lately, home projects, holidays, family and yes I must admit mostly business. Between a few hard punches and a tight schedule to follow it has been difficult to maintain the blog. That nagging voice in my head tells me to get back to what I love to write about, the painting industry. Yes! I am a paint geek and can’t help it. I find interest in new advance coatings, new application methods and tools of the painting industry. In my extra time, between meetings or waiting for my paint order you may often find me lurking paint forums like Paint Talk or reading other blogs at the Blogging Painters Yes, I am a paint geek! I study product data pages of products that will best fit the surface I am about to paint, I love meeting with my paint suppliers talking about new products and simply shop talk.  Yes! I actually read the back of the labels on products, I check the temperatures of surfaces prior to applications. I like to revisit existing projects to see the longevity of the products and applications. You might even catch me scratching at a wall, door or railing checking for adhesion. I am fascinated with a quality enamel with a touch of soft cotton like, but yet has the shell of a armadillo. The faults of our industry often fall on unprofessional, unskilled or perhaps just carelessness of so called contractors who sell on price and you will never forget them. The merits of a true professional should not be ignored, I  wear them as a badge of honor as I am proud to be a paint geek.

I am Gabe Ewing and I am a paint geek.

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  1. David Edelman
    David Edelman says:

    Gabe, Be proud to be a paint geek. I once described myself that way to my insurance agent and he laughed and said he is an “insurance geek”. Guess What? He is really good at what he does. Geeks usually are.


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