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Welcome again!  Its been a long time in the making, but it was well worth the wait. If you have been searching for ewingpainting.net or ewingpaintingblogandreviews you may have gotten lost. The sites have been upside down for a while, I stopped posting articles and reviews because I was having a hard time with my blog format and it became more work than fun. In my frustration I contacted a website designer Nick from  Fluent Designs and he put me at ease and got me going in the right direction. He combined both my website and blog into one site and put in those great sliders as well as other geeky stuff that I have no clue about. We are still working on it and will continually update our site with regular maintenance and more frequent blog post. So I hope you found your way back and will find it easier to work with. Don’t forget! Add us to your blog roll or bookmarks.

What to expect.

My last site I created was built and tailored to help people searching for the right products and right application methods. I have had many ask questions by post, email and some even calling me directly. I enjoy helping those in need  and will continue that for followers and those researching benefit. Although I would like to mention I also run a real paint contracting business that needs to pay my bills, this helps keep the lights on. 🙂 So please be patient if I don’t respond right away.

What content will We be posting

We will be posting product reviews, coating systems, paint dealer reviews and some times just for fun some personal touches. I have recently found a new hobby that being BBQing, I am so excited about it I will want to share it with you. Along with the personal touch I will want to brag about my granddaughter with you, she just turned one year last Sunday. Back to business! My most frequent post will be project updates, posting on the spot from projects in the works. You are going to find I will be posting for my entertainment too and it will be more of a free spirit nature.

How to ask a question.

I want to share my preferred way of asking a question or someone needing assistance with a coating issue. Please use the blog site “Leave a Reply” and post it there, they will not appear right away as it awaits for my approval. Please be patient I will get too it! You don’t need to email me as when you post a reply it notifies me via email.  The phone number on my site is my cell number, so please reserve the calls for clients or potential clients. OK! If you really need to call me up go ahead. but if you can wait please go with my preferred method of leaving a comment on the site.

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