Commercial painting projects are very different from residential painting projects. Residential painting often involves family and friends. On the other hand commercial projects go beyond to reach a number of people, such as owners, employees and customers.

Ewing Painting Inc. gives every client timely and professional attention. Our workers will work according to your schedule to help improve your business without delay. When you need a commercial painting project finished, you can rely on Ewing Painting.

Commercial Project ~ North Palm Springs

Its been nearly 3 years since completing this project. These pictures were taken in the recent months. It’s always exciting to see a finish product we produced holding up to the server elements that this area faces.


With Palm Springs experiencing it’s high heats and some of the areas, high winds. If you are familiar with this area you would know this is also known as windy point. Exterior paint can be tricky in areas that are faced with these extreme elements, not only in the application but also cosmetically. Blowing sand, high heats, sticky coating, essentially the creation of a sand trap. Heat can soften a coating, (particularly with elastomerics) add the wind and you have created a trap for that desert sand to stick to. When the coating cools the shell hardens back up, locking the sand in the coating. This building sat for over a year without ground cover or the asphalt parking lot. Look at a up close picture, no dirt pick up. It looks just as good as the day I finished.


We used a hybrid elastomeric from Vista Paint, ‘Weathermaster’ the stucco was smooth which made it tricky with the angular sheen. Only a skilled applicator could achieve this finish. Even with that it’ s amazing this product looks so good after the extreme environments and conditions it was faced with.

Commercial Painting

  • Full Exterior (any height)
  • Full Interior (any height)
  • New Home Construction
  • Tilt-ups Painting
  • TI (Tenant Improvement)
  • Retail
  • HOA
  • Wood Finishing
  • Pressure Washing
  • Waterproofing
  • Elastomeric Coatings
  • Industrial Coatings
  • Graffiti Control Coatings

New Home Painting

Eight years ago, being a VP of a large new home painting contractor in the Palm Springs area, we were painting at least 40 new residential homes a week. With the downturn of the economy from the burst of the housing bubble, prices spiraled down and beyond any reasonable understanding. It was clear I or the company I was employed with could no longer go in the same direction, it was then I had to launch Ewing Painting. I hired a few employees that got laid off from the same employer and traveled all over Southern California. We turned to just about any form of painting from industrial, commercial and residential painting. We even considered painting grass for bank owned homes that fell into foreclosure. We were going through what I call survival mode, just trying to find work to support mine and our employees’ families. Although we made it through this, it became a very warring lifestyle. I could see it was taking a toll not just on my family’s life but our employees’ as well. It was evident I needed to decide to pick my market rather than the market choosing me. Although we do service some light weight commercial, HOA and property maintenance, Residential projects became our primary market.

I was excited when we got the opportunity to bid and was awarded our 1st new home project in over 5 years for Denmark Construction. We once again got to paint new fascia board, new drywall, new doors and jambs. Remarkably it was a lot easier than I remember it to be. After much experienced added from the industrial painting to fixing paint projects from bad applicators on residential projects. It was great to start a new home off right with the right coatings and applications. We continue to service our residential clients and we love what we do. It was nice to get a chance to reflect back on what I came from. It made it even a greater experience when working with a great contractor with ethical values.


We use superior products from Benjamin Moore Paint, Sherwin Williams Paint and Vista Paint depending on your needs and budget. Choosing the right product is important for lasting longevity. To maintain manufacture warranties, we follow manufacture recommendations.  Which is why we supply you with product data pages for the products that will be used on your project.



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