Welcome to Ewing Paintings official blog and reviews by Gabe Ewing

Hello and thank you for visiting our blog.

Let’s begin with a simple introductory. Here we will review products and procedures to do with painting. We will have  updates about Ewing Painting and about what is going on within the painting industry. I feel confident that through this blog, you will find the information that you are looking for. Whether it is to research products, to help with projects you are undertaking yourself or help you in finding a professional painting contractor.

It is important to me, that you choose the right contractor for your painting projects. If not with Ewing Painting,  my hope is that you will find your painting project to not only be an enjoyable experience, but an educational experience as well. If you have had a bad experience with a contractor (as I have had) of any trade, you will know how invaluable it can be in choosing the right contractor, the first time, for your needs. This investment  is worth your time and research, so in hopes, you will have a rewarding professional experience. Using  products that has longevity and quality, as the end result.

In addition, I hope this blog will become a resource for painting contractors to  research products or familiarize themselves with updates, so they can give their clientele the best he or she can offer.

Together we can help make the painting industry a professional industry.