Interior Painting in Yucca Valley Ca

Well it’s been a while since my last post and I’ve been trying too figure out what to post. I have so much to catch you up to speed on. Since I left you all hanging on this series. I decided I should continue where I left off……

Here is a home we finished this last year. We skim coated all the walls which had existing orange peel texture. You can see the skim coat in action here

After the skim coat was all done and sanded. We had to clean, clean, clean and then clean up all the dust created by the drywall sanding. I sure wish we had our dustless sanders then. We primed all the new smooth coat texture and began the finish coats. Painting the doors in Benjamin Moore Regal Select Semi Gloss finish on the doors and baseboards, the walls received 2 coats of Eggshell finish in the same product line.




This was a great project to be a part of. The transformation was truly breathtaking. The homeowners were great during the process. You can see their review on our Google business page.

Tootie’s Texas Barbeque – Restaurant Impossible

We are to appear AGAIN on Restaurant Impossible. March 12, 2014 at 7 PM PST on Food Network Channel. We were surprised to see how much we were in the Mill Creek episode. Lets see if you can spot our green or blue shirts just as much.

Congratulations Tooties Texas BBQ. We are so excited for your team. Being a self enthused BBQ’er, My wife and I had to give your BBQ try. I had the half chicken, my wife had the bacon hamburger. We were both delighted and satisfied. Good food! We look forward to watching this episode of Restaurant Impossible with you.

From Knock Down to Level 5

The transformation of a home located in Yucca Valley is the best yet on our list of completed projects. This home had newly installed wood floors. The homeowner decided after the fact they would prefer a smooth coat (aka level 5 finish) over their existing knock down texture. We protected the floors with Eco Board, a surface protector against impact, water and chemicals.


After we removed doors, fixtures and added surface protection on fixed items our drywall finishers began to do their magic.



The walls took 3 coats of drywall mud to achieve the desired level 5 finish.

The transformation to be continued…..

Mill Creek Redlands Episode Set to Air on March 5th

The 1st project (Mill Creek Redlands) we did for a episode of Restaurant Impossible is set to air. “For those of you that don’t know, our episode of Restaurant Impossible is set to air March 5, 2014 at 7 PM PST!!! #excited #nervous,” Mill Creek posted on its Twitter feed at @MCRedlandsBBQ I also took note that Mill Creek is furthering their staffs knowledge with cooking classes posted on Facebook.

This was truly a great experience working with the design team and construction crew of Restaurant Impossible.  I was amazed with the surrounding communities  lending a hand and supplying equipment. Some of the volunteers knew the owner and expressed how great the owners of Mill Creek, this reflecting on their willingness to help with whatever they could. I would like to congratulate Mill Creek for their fantastic opportunity to reinvent their restaurant. I hope for continued success for your restaurant and staff.

We will be posting picture after the shows air.

Ewing Painting also did another Restaurant Impossible Episode (Tooties Texas BBQ in Cathedral City). We will update as soon as we know when that episode will air


Painting Table Tops For Tooties Texas BBQ ~ Cathedral City


We recently did a few projects for a show on The Food Network Channel called Restaurant Impossible. One of the episodes at Tootie Texas BBQ we painted the table tops with Sherwin Williams Pro Industrial . They were primed with  XIM bounding primer to insure adhesion. We then applied 2 coats of Pro Industrial Semi Gloss.

I was very impressed with the coverage of the red color, only taking 2 coats. Not like a solvent product, the Pro Industrial is a slow cure. The tables were ready to use less than 24 hours. This coating has a hard shell that is resistance to salt, food acids, and other hard chemicals. I also used this product on exterior steel structures at Beaumont High School as it has corrosion and rust inhibitors. This is a A+ product by Sherwin Williams.

I can not dispay the pictures of the finished product until the episode appears on The Food Network Channel. We will be updating our blog and on our Facebook Page with the upcoming shows and time.

The importance of protecting your wood


Think your wood is protected?  It has color, it’s protected right! This semi transparent stain was applied over 7 years ago, the color may be there but the protection is not.


This project located Rancho Mirage has been exposed to the harsh elements for over 2-3 years. Some of the wood was actually falling off. Stained/sealed exterior wood in the Palm Springs area should be recoated every 2-3 years, depending on the exposure to the sun. In some cases it needs to be sealed yearly, like the natural wood garage doors or front doors. Doors get beaten up far more as it is exposed to the scorching heat for longer periods. Here is a picture of 2 boards that received a freash coat of semi transparent stain. The color applied was the original color whem 1st applied.  You can see the drastic difference.


Painted wood is not as critical because paint has a harder shell with higher UV protection. If the wood has been properly prepared, primed and received the right amount of mills, with the qualified product. You can get 7-8 years of protection out of it. However I would recommend at least every 5-6 years. The longer unsealed wood is exposed the more preparation is involved. The less it is exposed,  the less preparation is needed. Take a moment and examine your wood and get protected before it turns into costly repairs.

Commercial Project ~ North Palm Springs

Its been nearly 3 years since completing this project. These pictures were taken in the recent months. It’s always exciting to see a finish product we produced holding up to the server elements that this area faces.


With Palm Springs experiencing it’s high heats and some of the areas, high winds. If you are familiar with this area you would know this is also known as windy point. Exterior paint can be tricky in areas that are faced with these extreme elements, not only in the application but also cosmetically. Blowing sand, high heats, sticky coating, essentially the creation of a sand trap. Heat can soften a coating, (particularly with elastomerics) add the wind and you have created a trap for that desert sand to stick to. When the coating cools the shell hardens back up, locking the sand in the coating. This building sat for over a year without ground cover or the asphalt parking lot. Look at a up close picture, no dirt pick up. It looks just as good as the day I finished.


We used a hybrid elastomeric from Vista Paint, ‘Weathermaster’ the stucco was smooth which made it tricky with the angular sheen. Only a skilled applicator could achieve this finish. Even with that it’ s amazing this product looks so good after the extreme environments and conditions it was faced with.

3 Year Check Up

Just got down the hill from a project we completed 3 years ago in Idyllwild California. We did do some maintaince sealing last year on the corbals, fascia, arbor and horse walk. We were called back up to do some maintenance on the horse walk and stain and lacquer some new doors installed.

We used Olympic Deck and Siding Semi Transparent stain. The horse walk is holding up in exception of the area that gets full sun for 6 to 7 hours a day.  Overall the product is holding up well. We should be resealing next year to prevent wood from being damaged.

I decided to match the stain in Benjamin Moore ArborCoat. I am interested in seeing if this product will hold up as long or longer.





Baby Room Color and Design

I just finished painting my daughters baby room. We striped 2 walls, 12″ pink stripe, 6″ Brown stripe, 2″ white stripe, and a 4″ green stripe. The other 2 walls we painted pink, ceilings and wood work like doors, base boards we painted the same white as the white stripes. We added a shelf and painted it white as well. Dont get dizzy looking at the pictures 🙂



Interior Painting in Yucaipa California

We had to demo some drywall, patch and texture many stress cracks. We painted all ceilings, walls and basebords. As the owners wanted to keep the doors natural we had to protect them as we did our work. Product we used was Sherwin Williams Promar 200 Zero VOC. We had flat on the ceilings, eggshell on the walls and semi gloss on all baseboards, bathrooms, and laundry room.