The Caulk-less Stucco Repair

Do you have stucco cracks? If you take pride in your home you might be frustrated in seeing those cracks appear out of no where. Stucco being a very dense material can easily crack with the slightest movement. Weather can even play a role in stucco cracking like the desert winds combined with rain. Here are a few more reason cracks may occure in your stucco

  • Earthquakes
  • Shifting soil
  • Settling structures
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Moisture

Regardless of how the crack came to be we just want them to go away. A professional painting contractor can handle this, you think? You come across an ad offering FREE estimates on exterior painting. You then call them and a few other painters to get estimates on fixing cracks and painting your stucco. One painter convinces you he knows how to fix those cracks right and they will never crack again. You hire the painter and a week later he is on your home preparing it for paint. Then IT comes out, the painter draws his caulking gun from their holster. The painter with confidence lays a heavy bead of caulking filling in those ugly cracks.

At first sight you believe it looks like they are thoroughly preparing the house. You even compliment the painter “Great job!” Then the next day the painter begins masking and brings out the spray equipment. All day the painter goes about painting the stucco. Although the cracks are still visible you think “the paint is still drying.”

The following day you evaluate the stucco and your concerns move to disappointment. The wall looks like a road map from the caulking profiling through. The caulked cracks stand out more than ever now.

Don’t be put in this position if you are looking for stucco crack repairs.

We offer caulk-less stucco repair. Our crew is trained to fill cracks with a cement base patching material. Depending on the surface the patch can be seamless. With skilled applicators and the right materials it is possible to restore your home it once was. The stucco preparation before painting is essential in beautifying your home.

Depending on the condition of your house with extreme cracking a whole wall may need to be re-surfaced. Some homes may qualify for an elastomeric coating. Not all substrates can be painted with elastomeric.

Before you hire any exterior painter be sure to contact us for your on-site consultation.

Redlands Historical Interior House Painting

This project consisted of painting crown molding, fire-place mantel, wall and ceiling paneling. This home was built-in the early 1940’s which means the surfaces has multiple layers of paint. Throughout the years the home has had many paint contractors. DEWITT PAINTING who started their painting company in 1946 were some of the previous painters that worked on this home. The brothers have since retired and the company is no longer in operation.

We thoroughly sanded everything and applied caulking were it was needed. To ensure adhesion we applied a primer coat on everything. We used Benjamin Moore Advance Satin on the finish for our three layers of top coat. On the horizontal area we applied four coats. We finished up with Benjamin Moore Aura on the plaster walls and ceilings.

Ewing Painting Launched In Coachella Valley

Ewing Painting Inc. (EPI) has a new location in the city of Palm Desert serving the entire Coachella Valley. I started my painting career in the desert with a company called Ken Ealy Painting, with Ealy we painted mostly new residential homes and apartments. I also worked for some of the greatest residential Paint Contractors in the Valley. Santa Fe Painting was where I learned of Epoxy Garage Floor Painting and Fine Finish Painting. One of my fondest memories was working with Martin Painting on Bob Hopes House in Palm Springs. I have such great respect for these Paint Contractors that taught me many different techniques of painting and how to deal with the extreme heat in the Valley. With these companies we painted homes in some of the most well-known country clubs such as Big Horn, Indian Wells Country Club, The Vintage, Marrekesh and the Valleys first Palm Desert Country Club. I am excited to return to the place that began it all for me in this paint world of mine.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for your interior and exterior painting projects.

Fine Finish Painting

Here is a project we completed located on the Banning Bench. A crawford ceiling with crown molding installed. We used our fine finish equipment with high quality paint.

We applied Venetian Plaster on all the walls. Hand polished to a matte finish. Venetian Plasters can also be polished to a high gloss.

In the master bathroom we applied the Venetian Plaster On all walls and ceiling. The cabinets received a glaze finish.

Cyber Monday House Painting Offer

Exterior Painting On Historical Home In Redlands California

Ewing Painting Workers Compensation

Are you considering hiring a contractor for you home improvements or even an addition to your home? There are three basic things you must know before hiring any Contractor to work on your property. As a homeowner your liabilities can go from zero to 100% costing you thousands or millions. California Contractors State License Board (CSLB) requires contractors who contract for $600 or more to carry a contractor license. To maintain a license a contractor must be bonded and comply with Workers Compensation laws. Hiring a contractor that is missing any three of these you can become liable for any injury that may occur on your property.

From the California State License Board Website

Workers’ compensation insurance is required for issuance of an active license, reactivation of an inactive license, and for the maintenance of an actively renewed license, unless the licensee does not employ anyone in a manner that is subject to California workers’ compensation laws (Business and Professions Code section 7125). Workers’ compensation insurance is not required for expired or inactive licenses. Licensees are required to submit proof of their workers’ compensation insurance coverage to CSLB. If the licensee does not employ anyone in a manner that is subject to California workers’ compensation laws, he/she is required to submit an Exemption from Workers’ Compensation form to CSLB.

 Beaumont License ContractorHow can you be sure your contractor has workers compensation?

By law if a contractor employs one person they are required to carry Workers Compensation Insurance. Every contractor must submit their Certificate of coverage to CSLB. You can go to CSLB website and search for the contractor workers compensation status if you know one of the following: business name, contractors name or license number. For example you can search for Ewing Painting Inc. Owners Name: Gaberiel Ewing, Licenses number: 908619


You can also ask your contractor for their Workers Compensation Insurance Certificate!!!!
Ewing Painting Beaumont Contractor



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EPI’s Year in Review-2015

Here we are at the end of 2015 about to venture into a new year filled with life’s suprises of ups and downs. As we continue on our painting journey we reflect back to aquire tools to achieve the goals we work towards. We can not guarantee what the future may bring as life suprises can pop up at any given second. However, I am a firm believer in if we acknowledge the past the good and the bad, we can promote success and block failures from accruing. We hunger for knowledge, thirst for growth and seek out success.

Our buggiest change this year was the focus on our target market. In the beginning of 2015 we shifted our goals from sub-contract work to residential remodel work. Sub-contract work consist of working for general contractors, projects range from large to small scale new construction. We continue to service some general contractors and property maintenance but we are not actively seeking them. Residential remodel projects consist of all your interior and exterior painting projects on residential properties. In this market we contract and work directly with the owner of the properties.

Numbers tell everything!

Before we go into where our sales came from let’s look at what every responsible salesman, business owner and even some employees are asking themselves at this time of year, “What are my sales for the year?“. Let’s not monkey around here! Sales for Ewing Painting ware under our sales for 2014 by 8%. At first glance this can be discouraging, let’s move on before we run away screaming. One of the most valuable question to any business is “Are we profitable?“. In 2014 our profits were at 9%, as in 2015 we increased our profits by a whopping 18%. WOW! I am excited over the results of increasing our primary market to residential. I will take that decrease in sales and raise you with profits, oh ya! Let’s keep this ball rolling and see where our sales came form.

In 2014 our sales for sub-contract work was 36%, property maintenance at 14% and residential remodel came in at 51%. Remember I wanted to increase my primary market. 2015 sub-contract work decreased to 21%, property maintenance stayed even with the 14% giving our residential sales a outstanding 65% of the sales. We nearly doubled our sales for residential painting. I think I need to take a break to get some of these cartwheels out of my gut.

While the numbers are encouraging, and are the ultimate fact checker on whether to chalk it up as a success or not, we did have few set backs this year. Our biggest and hardest challenge has been employment, under-employment that is. We did lose a valuable employee this year, as his and our goals did not align.  It did leave me stranded with a flat tire, however I was determined that it wasn’t going to keep there. We are now continuing to seek new employees with goals that line up with EPI. We already hired one employees for office work and one in the field. We are creating systems to better the environment for employees and customers. I guess you could say this is a good problem to have, I have to say I would like to eliminate the problem.

We are anticipating to double our sales for 2016. This year we joined a business coaching group to help us stay focused on achieving 2016 goals. We have already installed some of the practices into our marketing strategy. You will be seeing more of our video testimonies, increasing our blog posts and Facebook contests.  We will be more active in local networking groups and chamber events. We look forward to seeing and working with you in the EPIC year to come.

Thank you for taking the time in reading our first end of the year in review. Let’s take a look at in another 12 months.

Video Testimonials and Reviews Ewing Painting Inc.


Looking for a professional contractor or service provider? Whoever it is we want to make sure they are professional, clean, respectful and most important trustworthy. After all, our most prized possessions are living and breathing in our homes. What if there was something Ewing Painting could do to improve your vote of confidence?

I am excited to announce that we are rolling out video testimonials. We value all our written testimonies! Customers who took time out of their day to write up a testimony speaks volumes about the service provider.  But as many may have experienced, the wondering mind wonders “what if these are fake?“.

Who has time to scour the internet for hours searching for more information? It is impossible to check to see if those written reviews are real. We have many great reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp and other review sites. What better way to build your confidence in us than a video testimonial?

We received our 1st Video Testimonial from another great client. After finishing up on some interior painting I asked “How do you Like it?” Smiling from ear to ear she began to express what so many other customers have expressed to me. I then saw the window of opportunity to ask for a video testimony. Without hesitation she said YES! My mind said “WOW!”……  and what a great testimony it was!


Although we want every customer participating, we understand if you prefer not too. So no need to worry if you are camera shy or just do not want to do it. Do not let that be a deciding factor. I hope whoever it may be, our video testimonials will be a tool to raise your confidence with us.