Care and Maintenance For Your Painted Cabinets.

If your cabinets have been painted recently, you want to be sure to give the coating time to fully cure. Most interior enamels will be fully cured within 30 days, some within weeks. I use the 30 day rule for allowing coatings to cure. Just be extra careful during this curing process. Don’t let heavy objects lean or scrub them. By allowing the coating to cure fully it will promote a harder shell and stronger adhesion.

When washing your painted cabinets, do not use a soaked filled rag and be careful with water puddling on vertical surfaces. To much moisture can damage the coating causing wrinkling or discoloration. Don’t use solvents like Goof Off or Paint Thinner, as these can melt the coating. Solvents heat the coating, making it soft again. As you rub, it can damage the coating and most likely dull the surface.

The proper way to wash your painted cabinets is with warm soapy water. Use a soft, white cotton cloth, but make sure the rag doesn’t have dried paint or anything rough that can scratch the coating. When you dip the rag, ring out the excess water to prevent too much moisture. Lightly rub the dirty or stained area or wipe the entire surface. Follow with wiping the surface with a soft, white cotton dry rag. Make sure the surface is completely dry, or you may end up with streaking.

That’s it, I hope you enjoy your newly painted cabinets!