Preparing your home for Exterior Painting

Getting exterior painting estimates? Painting the exterior is a lot less work for the homeowner than it would be for the painting of your interior home. Here are a few basic things to consider when getting your home ready for exterior painting.


Power washing Beaumont Ca

One of the first steps in painting the exterior is power washing. Make sure all windows and doors are closed and sealed. With a high power pressure washer, water can easily blast out a bedroom or living room if a window is left open. We have yet to experience this nor do we want to damage our perfect record. Please let the painters know if you have a leaky door or window. We can adjust our technic with less water and pressure to ensure no water intrudes through the leaky opening.



Ewing Painting Beaumont CaDuring the estimate process we will examine the exterior for any evidence of a leaky roof. Painting the home before fixing a roof leak can reduce the life span of the coating applied. If you notice or we discover a leaky roof at the estimate stage take action and get the roof repairs completed before beginning the painting project. This is more viable with elastomeric coatings but can effect any coating.

We once painted a home for a avid rose collector, In their front yard they had a garden on display that would take your breath away. The garden was no less than a foot away from the home being painted. How on earth can we paint around thorny rose bushes and not break them? I would have you know that only one stem was broken during the process of painting. Here is what we recommend, we ask to have the shrubbery, roses or any form of foliage to be trimmed back prior to the painting project starting. A good rule of thumb is to have have a one foot clearance from the surface, or in some cases, just enough where no branches or leaves are touching the surface being painted. We wouldn’t want a bush leaning on a freshly painted wall. We understand some foliage is impossible to cut back without killing the plant or tree. In this case we ask it to be trimmed as much as possible, we will then take our heavy duty drop cloths and use them to pull back the foliage. If the foliage leans back on the surface we will leave it tied up until the paint is dry to touch. This may deform the bush for a bit, but often times the bush is back to normal before the job is completed.

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What To Expect From Your Professional Exterior House Painters

Exterior painting makes up for more than 60% of our residential painting projects. Being in sunny Southern California, we can paint throughout the year. We start booking exteriors as early as January and as late as November. We have even painted exteriors in December. Here are a few basic points of what you should expect when having the exterior of your home painted.

Beaumont Painters ShopA typical exterior project can be completed in less than a week – most common, five working days. We normally start off the project by unloading equipment. We will need a “shop” area to store the necessary equipment. This is usually a 18×10 area, preferably a covered area in case of rain. Depending on the size of your home we can have up to 40′ ladders on your property. Some other basic equipment would be drop cloths, high power sanding machinery, spray equipment, brushes, rollers and other materials for your project.

Beaumont Painters Power WashingWe start off the project by moving all the decor and patio furniture away from the house. These items would be best to store away from the house temporary until the project is completed. If you have a lot plants growing near your home, consider having them trimmed back where the plot is not touching the surface being painted. After all items are moved and all windows are closed, we start to power wash the entire exterior. We then will start the necessary scraping and sanding.

All cracks or damaged stucco is patched with a cement base patching compound. We apply primer on all wood and sometimes even stucco Beaumont painters preppingdepending on the coating. Any damaged fascia board or wood trim will get a elastomeric patching compound applied. This is applied by brush and looks like a new piece of wood when done right. We apply at least a 55 year caulking where needed. We mask all windows and other items that need protection with paper, tape, plastic and drop cloths.

Beaumont Painters BackrollAfter all the necessary preparations are completed, we typically start painting stucco and eaves depending on color placement. We apply two coats of paint using a high-powered spray machine. The second coat of finish we back-roll the surface. This is when one painter is rolling and another is using the roller to spread the paint. This assures the proper coverage and an even film. After all stucco and eaves are painted we brush all fascia and trim. Garage and all entry doors receive a semi gloss enamel. When completed all trash is thrown away and equipment removed from the property.

Enjoy your freshly painted home.