Ewing Paintings (1st Annual) $5,000 Paint Charity Giveaway

Ewing Painting Inc. announces its 1st Annual $5,000 Charity Paint Giveaway Event.
Nominations are now being accepted for deserving families or nonprofit organizations in need of painting services. The Beaumont based residential painting company will select one recipient, based on need, to receive up to $5000 in free paint, labor and materials.

The Charity Paint Giveaway was started in 2005 by founder Joshua Abramson of Allbright Painting, a Santa Clarita Valley based residential painting company. Each year the staff considers all the worthy nominations that are sent in and then vote on the family or organization that they feel is the most deserving. This charity event has spread across the country helping those who experienced some hardship. Some had lost loved ones tragically and others were battling cancer and undergoing chemotherapy at the time. All which prevented them from being able to afford the painting services that they needed. We want to help!

EWING PAINTING INC is extending the Paint it Forward  program  to the Beaumont/Cherry Valley area. Sherwin Williams Paint Co. will be donating all the paint and Ewing Painting Inc will be donating all the labor. Perhaps you know of someone who is struggling due to medical problems or financial problems. We want to know about that family. Maybe there’s a nonprofit organization that is doing fantastic things to help others, but they’re struggling themselves to make ends meet. We want to help!

Please help us by sending in your stories, pictures and supporting materials no later than November 16th through our website or to the Beaumont Chamber of Commerce at 726 Beaumont Ave, Beaumont Ca 92223. Additional information may be obtained by visiting our website ww.ewingpainting.net or contacting Gabe Ewing at info@ewingpainting.net or calling (760) 910-1971.

New Home Painting

Eight years ago, being a VP of a large new home painting contractor in the Palm Springs area, we were painting at least 40 new residential homes a week. With the downturn of the economy from the burst of the housing bubble, prices spiraled down and beyond any reasonable understanding. It was clear I or the company I was employed with could no longer go in the same direction, it was then I had to launch Ewing Painting. I hired a few employees that got laid off from the same employer and traveled all over Southern California. We turned to just about any form of painting from industrial, commercial and residential painting. We even considered painting grass for bank owned homes that fell into foreclosure. We were going through what I call survival mode, just trying to find work to support mine and our employees’ families. Although we made it through this, it became a very warring lifestyle. I could see it was taking a toll not just on my family’s life but our employees’ as well. It was evident I needed to decide to pick my market rather than the market choosing me. Although we do service some light weight commercial, HOA and property maintenance, Residential projects became our primary market.

I was excited when we got the opportunity to bid and was awarded our 1st new home project in over 5 years for Denmark Construction. We once again got to paint new fascia board, new drywall, new doors and jambs. Remarkably it was a lot easier than I remember it to be. After much experienced added from the industrial painting to fixing paint projects from bad applicators on residential projects. It was great to start a new home off right with the right coatings and applications. We continue to service our residential clients and we love what we do. It was nice to get a chance to reflect back on what I came from. It made it even a greater experience when working with a great contractor with ethical values.

Ewing Painting would like to wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving!

Ewing Painting turkeyday copy

We are truly grateful for all who has supported us. To the owners and staffs family and friends who advocate for us. Skilled qualified employees with good character and hard working dedication. Most of all, the only reason we exist is because of our customers. Too our customers which has truely been a pleasure working with and getting to know you. From color selection to product choice to completing the project, relationships formed to some a friendship has sparked. Thank you all for making Ewing Painting a success. Without each and every one of you we would not be able to do what we love to do. We look forward in growing with all of you for the best is yet to come!

To All who have Served – Happy Veterans day 2013


Those who served in any of the armed forces Ewing Painting appreciates your hard work and dedication to our country. Your commitment and sacrifice to protect our freedom can not be ignored. When passing a uniformed service man or woman, or a elderly wearing his hat or patch on a worn down leather jacket, thoughts of thankfulness and emotion of gratitude wash my mind of my worries that seem so scant. Not many words can express the emotion and gratitude I have, but two keep ringing in my brain, Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!!

In our appreciation for your service, my country and yet more personal, our families and I. We are offering a discount for all our painting services to all men and women who have served or are currently serving. This offer does not expire!


Ewing Painting, inc is now on Facebook


Making it easier to find us! Ewing Painting, inc is now on Facebook. I have been told many times to get epi on Facebook. I have to say I should have not waited so long. Its been over a week since making our facebook public. The painting industry has supported us as well as family, friends and past customers. I believe that validates our integrity and passion for our industry and serving our customers. Along with staying in touch with family, friends and customers,  we also network with other painting contractors and suppliers across the globe. This will help keeping us up to date with products and standards within our industry. We hope it will provide you with more information in choosing your right painting contractor.

I would like to formally invite you to venture over to Ewing Painting, inc’s Facebook Page. Give us a Like to follow us. If you have had a experience with Ewing Painting please share on our wall or give us a review. All your input will be appreciated!

If you would like to learn more about us, connect with Gabe Ewing on our LinkedIn Page

Im excited about our new feature on our blog. By following us on Facebook or Linkedin you will automatically be keept up to date on new blog post. When we post a article it generates a post to both sites and soon to be on Google+

ewingpainting.net + ewingpaintingblogandreviews in ONE

Welcome again!  Its been a long time in the making, but it was well worth the wait. If you have been searching for ewingpainting.net or ewingpaintingblogandreviews you may have gotten lost. The sites have been upside down for a while, I stopped posting articles and reviews because I was having a hard time with my blog format and it became more work than fun. In my frustration I contacted a website designer Nick from  Fluent Designs and he put me at ease and got me going in the right direction. He combined both my website and blog into one site and put in those great sliders as well as other geeky stuff that I have no clue about. We are still working on it and will continually update our site with regular maintenance and more frequent blog post. So I hope you found your way back and will find it easier to work with. Don’t forget! Add us to your blog roll or bookmarks.

What to expect.

My last site I created was built and tailored to help people searching for the right products and right application methods. I have had many ask questions by post, email and some even calling me directly. I enjoy helping those in need  and will continue that for followers and those researching benefit. Although I would like to mention I also run a real paint contracting business that needs to pay my bills, this helps keep the lights on. 🙂 So please be patient if I don’t respond right away.

What content will We be posting

We will be posting product reviews, coating systems, paint dealer reviews and some times just for fun some personal touches. I have recently found a new hobby that being BBQing, I am so excited about it I will want to share it with you. Along with the personal touch I will want to brag about my granddaughter with you, she just turned one year last Sunday. Back to business! My most frequent post will be project updates, posting on the spot from projects in the works. You are going to find I will be posting for my entertainment too and it will be more of a free spirit nature.

How to ask a question.

I want to share my preferred way of asking a question or someone needing assistance with a coating issue. Please use the blog site “Leave a Reply” and post it there, they will not appear right away as it awaits for my approval. Please be patient I will get too it! You don’t need to email me as when you post a reply it notifies me via email.  The phone number on my site is my cell number, so please reserve the calls for clients or potential clients. OK! If you really need to call me up go ahead. but if you can wait please go with my preferred method of leaving a comment on the site.

I am a Paint Geek

I’m back to my blog! I have been busy with a lot of things lately, home projects, holidays, family and yes I must admit mostly business. Between a few hard punches and a tight schedule to follow it has been difficult to maintain the blog. That nagging voice in my head tells me to get back to what I love to write about, the painting industry. Yes! I am a paint geek and can’t help it. I find interest in new advance coatings, new application methods and tools of the painting industry. In my extra time, between meetings or waiting for my paint order you may often find me lurking paint forums like Paint Talk or reading other blogs at the Blogging Painters Yes, I am a paint geek! I study product data pages of products that will best fit the surface I am about to paint, I love meeting with my paint suppliers talking about new products and simply shop talk.  Yes! I actually read the back of the labels on products, I check the temperatures of surfaces prior to applications. I like to revisit existing projects to see the longevity of the products and applications. You might even catch me scratching at a wall, door or railing checking for adhesion. I am fascinated with a quality enamel with a touch of soft cotton like, but yet has the shell of a armadillo. The faults of our industry often fall on unprofessional, unskilled or perhaps just carelessness of so called contractors who sell on price and you will never forget them. The merits of a true professional should not be ignored, I  wear them as a badge of honor as I am proud to be a paint geek.

I am Gabe Ewing and I am a paint geek.

If you are a Paint Geek, sign my blog by posting a comment here.
Thank you for visiting my Blog

United Way Day of Caring Project

This was our 4th year to participate in the United Way Day of Caring. This year project was to apply 8 small areas with chalkboard paint at San Gorgonio Child Care Consortium located in Banning California. Like every year the project had to be completed in 4 hours, thanks to our volunteers we were completed a half hour early. We applied Benjamin Moore Chalkboard paint on many surfaces, I will be giving a review on the chalkboard paint later, but for now I would just like to share some pictures of our project. We look forward to participate in future projects. A big THANKS to our volunteers  Kristy Franco & Debbie Franklin

Kristy Franco - Teacher at San Gorgonio Child Care Consortium



Gabe Ewing - Ewing Painting

Banning Council member Debbie Franklin And Gabe Ewing

Chalkboard Paint 1

Chalkboard Paint 2

Chalkboard Paint 3

Chalkboard Paint 4

Ewing Painting inc. Introduces a new Logo

We Have decided to create a new logo, here is the new Ewing Painting Inc Logo

This was our old logo it will go into the vault