Gabe Ewing with Ewing Painting Inc.

After returning from a missionary international volunteer program in 1992, I was invited to work for a local painting contractor. At the time I had no idea I would be starting a life long career in the painting industry. As I learned how to prepare a door jamb or cabinetry for either a painting system or for staining, then seeing the finished product, I was amazed at the transformation. This is when my passion for painting began to build.
This being  the early 90′s, the construction industry was experiencing a mild recession. Throughout this period, I worked for many painting contractors. Learning many methods and applying a wide range of coatings. I had the opportunity to learn from some of the paint legends within my demographic area. We worked on some of the most elite homes, including Bob Hope’s House in the Palm Springs area. I found my self intrigued with the wide range of coatings I was applying, how they flowed, adhered and why I could not get some off my hands and others I could. I would take every opportunity I could to pick the brains of my coworkers, employers and paint manufacturer representatives.
I then got an opportunity to work for one of the largest painting contractors in the Coachella Valley, as he was bouncing back from the mild recession. He invited me to work in Reno Nevada, as a spray-man. I eagerly accepted and gave notice to my employer at the time. I believed this would give me more of an opportunity to build myself a carrier in the painting  industry. This was the beginning of a 13 year relationship with this employer, growing in all aspects of the painting industry, while creating many relationships in the construction industry.
I rapidly moved from a spray-man, to a foreman, to Vice President of Operations. We managed painting projects for some of the largest General Contractors in the construction industry. Some of my responsibilities were, safety manager, quality control, purchasing, human resource, public relations, estimating and job costing. The housing bubble took us to levels I never thought  possible with the economy we were experiencing.  This time gave me the opportunity to learn how to manage the field and official operations.
In 2006 we began to see the affects of the recession, as the housing bubble began to collapse. All construction was coming to a stop, sales were declining. It became obvious that my 13 year relationship with this employer had come to an end. In mid 2007, I applied for my California State Contractor License. This is when my wife Monica and I formed Ewing Painting Inc..  We focused on a different demographic area, as we did not want to compete with my previous employer. We worked on building new relationships, networking through the Chamber of Commerce and other networking groups. We have built and maintained many solid relationships within our community and surrounding areas. I am currently on the Board of Directors with the Beaumont Chamber of Commerce.
Ewing Painting currently performs work for general contractors and residential homeowners. We have applied various coatings for retail, commercial, and residential clients. We look forward to continued growth in our community, serving our residential customers.