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Painting over powder coating in Yucaipa Ca

After completing the adhesion test  I posted in my previous article, we continued to do the necessary preparation that included, degreasing the complete surface, power washing and grinding the complete surface. The rust areas we ground to the bare steel. We applied 1 heavy coat of Vista Paint Metal Prime, then applied 2 coats of […]

Vista Paint Protec Metal Primer Adhesion Test Over Powder Coating

We were contracted to repaint the steel on a amphitheater at the Yucaipa Community Park. The steel structure was originally coated with a powder coating. Many have questioned if it is possible if a paint can adhere to the slick tough powder coating surface. The Video bellow shows a adhesion test with Vista Paint Protec […]

Vista Paint Carefree Prime-ZALL

“Carefree Prime-ZALL is an innovative universal primer created using breakthrough technology to offer unparalled stain blocking for use in both interior and exterior applications. This unique formulation provides superior performance when compared with traditional solvent-based primers. Carefree Prime-ZALL adheres to a variety of substrates including previously painted alkyds with a gloss finish. Carefree Prime-ZALL is […]

United Way Day of Caring Project

This was our 4th year to participate in the United Way Day of Caring. This year project was to apply 8 small areas with chalkboard paint at San Gorgonio Child Care Consortium located in Banning California. Like every year the project had to be completed in 4 hours, thanks to our volunteers we were completed […]

Elastomeric Paints

Having been given the opportunity in applying elastomeric paint on a wide range of substrates, I have had the experience in dealing with both the success and failures of it. With the right elastomeric and the right substrate, in my opinion there is no other paint that can give an exterior substrate a better result. […]

Are Oil Base Paints Going Out With a Limp?

As the aroma of paint filled the work area and surrounding areas, you could identify whether the applicator was applying water base paint or oil base paint. You may have pinched your nose and your eyes may have watered, yet, that was the willing sacrifice to achieve a hard, glass like finish. This finish was […]

Gabe Ewing with Ewing Painting Inc.

After returning from a missionary international volunteer program in 1992, I was invited to work for a local painting contractor. At the time I had no idea I would be starting a life long career in the painting industry. As I learned how to prepare a door jamb or cabinetry for either a painting system […]

Welcome to Ewing Paintings official blog and reviews by Gabe Ewing

Hello and thank you for visiting our blog. Let’s begin with a simple introductory. Here we will review products and procedures to do with painting. We will have  updates about Ewing Painting and about what is going on within the painting industry. I feel confident that through this blog, you will find the information that […]