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What To Expect From Your Professional Exterior House Painters

Exterior painting makes up for more than 60% of our residential painting projects. Being in sunny Southern California, we can paint throughout the year. We start booking exteriors as early as January and as late as November. We have even painted exteriors in December. Here are a few basic points of what you should expect […]

What To Expect With Your Interior House Painters

Are you thinking of getting the interior of your home painted? Here are 4 basic steps you should expect from your professional painting contractor. This is for painting standard walls and baseboard procedures.   1. Set up: We will need a designated area so we can neatly store our equipment and supplies. This can be […]

Care and Maintenance For Your Painted Cabinets.

If your cabinets have been painted recently, you want to be sure to give the coating time to fully cure. Most interior enamels will be fully cured within 30 days, some within weeks. I use the 30 day rule for allowing coatings to cure. Just be extra careful during this curing process. Don’t let heavy […]

Preparing Your Home For Interior Painting

What do you need to do in getting your home ready for your interior painting project? This is a common question I get asked when contracted to paint the inside of a home. We know how difficult it can be to tear your house apart to get the walls painted. Often time this requires to […]

EPI’s Year in Review-2015

Here we are at the end of 2015 about to venture into a new year filled with life’s suprises of ups and downs. As we continue on our painting journey we reflect back to aquire tools to achieve the goals we work towards. We can not guarantee what the future may bring as life suprises […]

When Considering Interior Paint and Sheens

If you have been to your local paint store or department at a big box store, you would see the wide variety of paints and sheens that you can choose from. One paint manufacture will have at least two dozen coating systems just for interior surfaces. Often we are left to depend on the salesman […]

Video Testimonials and Reviews Ewing Painting Inc.

  Looking for a professional contractor or service provider? Whoever it is we want to make sure they are professional, clean, respectful and most important trustworthy. After all, our most prized possessions are living and breathing in our homes. What if there was something Ewing Painting could do to improve your vote of confidence? I am excited […]

Ewing Paintings (1st Annual) $5,000 Paint Charity Giveaway

Ewing Painting Inc. announces its 1st Annual $5,000 Charity Paint Giveaway Event. Nominations are now being accepted for deserving families or nonprofit organizations in need of painting services. The Beaumont based residential painting company will select one recipient, based on need, to receive up to $5000 in free paint, labor and materials. The Charity Paint Giveaway was started in 2005 by […]

From Big Bear to Idyllwild

After working on a painting project for nearly 4 weeks in Big Bear, we moved on to a residential painting project in another mountain resort of Idyllwild. Trekking on the rocky terrain with our ladders that can extend up to 40′ can be a challenge. Safety is often on our mind with securing the ladder […]

New Home Painting

Eight years ago, being a VP of a large new home painting contractor in the Palm Springs area, we were painting at least 40 new residential homes a week. With the downturn of the economy from the burst of the housing bubble, prices spiraled down and beyond any reasonable understanding. It was clear I or […]