The Caulk-less Stucco Repair

Do you have stucco cracks? If you take pride in your home you might be frustrated in seeing those cracks appear out of no where. Stucco being a very dense material can easily crack with the slightest movement. Weather can even play a role in stucco cracking like the desert winds combined with rain. Here are a few more reason cracks may occure in your stucco

  • Earthquakes
  • Shifting soil
  • Settling structures
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Moisture

Regardless of how the crack came to be we just want them to go away. A professional painting contractor can handle this, you think? You come across an ad offering FREE estimates on exterior painting. You then call them and a few other painters to get estimates on fixing cracks and painting your stucco. One painter convinces you he knows how to fix those cracks right and they will never crack again. You hire the painter and a week later he is on your home preparing it for paint. Then IT comes out, the painter draws his caulking gun from their holster. The painter with confidence lays a heavy bead of caulking filling in those ugly cracks.

At first sight you believe it looks like they are thoroughly preparing the house. You even compliment the painter “Great job!” Then the next day the painter begins masking and brings out the spray equipment. All day the painter goes about painting the stucco. Although the cracks are still visible you think “the paint is still drying.”

The following day you evaluate the stucco and your concerns move to disappointment. The wall looks like a road map from the caulking profiling through. The caulked cracks stand out more than ever now.

Don’t be put in this position if you are looking for stucco crack repairs.

We offer caulk-less stucco repair. Our crew is trained to fill cracks with a cement base patching material. Depending on the surface the patch can be seamless. With skilled applicators and the right materials it is possible to restore your home it once was. The stucco preparation before painting is essential in beautifying your home.

Depending on the condition of your house with extreme cracking a whole wall may need to be re-surfaced. Some homes may qualify for an elastomeric coating. Not all substrates can be painted with elastomeric.

Before you hire any exterior painter be sure to contact us for your on-site consultation.

Redlands Historical Interior House Painting

This project consisted of painting crown molding, fire-place mantel, wall and ceiling paneling. This home was built-in the early 1940’s which means the surfaces has multiple layers of paint. Throughout the years the home has had many paint contractors. DEWITT PAINTING who started their painting company in 1946 were some of the previous painters that worked on this home. The brothers have since retired and the company is no longer in operation.

We thoroughly sanded everything and applied caulking were it was needed. To ensure adhesion we applied a primer coat on everything. We used Benjamin Moore Advance Satin on the finish for our three layers of top coat. On the horizontal area we applied four coats. We finished up with Benjamin Moore Aura on the plaster walls and ceilings.

Ewing Painting Launched In Coachella Valley

Ewing Painting Inc. (EPI) has a new location in the city of Palm Desert serving the entire Coachella Valley. I started my painting career in the desert with a company called Ken Ealy Painting, with Ealy we painted mostly new residential homes and apartments. I also worked for some of the greatest residential Paint Contractors in the Valley. Santa Fe Painting was where I learned of Epoxy Garage Floor Painting and Fine Finish Painting. One of my fondest memories was working with Martin Painting on Bob Hopes House in Palm Springs. I have such great respect for these Paint Contractors that taught me many different techniques of painting and how to deal with the extreme heat in the Valley. With these companies we painted homes in some of the most well-known country clubs such as Big Horn, Indian Wells Country Club, The Vintage, Marrekesh and the Valleys first Palm Desert Country Club. I am excited to return to the place that began it all for me in this paint world of mine.

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