Commercial Project ~ North Palm Springs

Its been nearly 3 years since completing this project. These pictures were taken in the recent months. It’s always exciting to see a finish product we produced holding up to the server elements that this area faces.


With Palm Springs experiencing it’s high heats and some of the areas, high winds. If you are familiar with this area you would know this is also known as windy point. Exterior paint can be tricky in areas that are faced with these extreme elements, not only in the application but also cosmetically. Blowing sand, high heats, sticky coating, essentially the creation of a sand trap. Heat can soften a coating, (particularly with elastomerics) add the wind and you have created a trap for that desert sand to stick to. When the coating cools the shell hardens back up, locking the sand in the coating. This building sat for over a year without ground cover or the asphalt parking lot. Look at a up close picture, no dirt pick up. It looks just as good as the day I finished.


We used a hybrid elastomeric from Vista Paint, ‘Weathermaster’ the stucco was smooth which made it tricky with the angular sheen. Only a skilled applicator could achieve this finish. Even with that it’ s amazing this product looks so good after the extreme environments and conditions it was faced with.

Vista Paint ~ Cathedral City


Where ever I work I like to keep my purchases within the local communities of where my projects are located.  Today we are working in Rancho Mirage which is a community within the Palm Springs Area. Without hesitation I go to where I know I will experience good service, Vista Paint in Cathedral City. This location has managed to keep the same employees that have served me for over 10 years. With that you can count on experience to help guide you with the right products and the right tools to successfully complete your painting projects. I have painted many homes by both interiors and exterior products supplied by this location. Their color matching skills are worry free.


All product lines from Vista Paint like Carefree, Protec, Acriglo, and Duratone are manufactured here in California. By purchasing from your local Vista Paint store you are not only supporting a local business within your community,  but you are also supportting a business grown in California.


Another addition Vista Paint recently added to their shelves is Benjamin Moore. In the Cathedral City location you can find Benjamin Moore products like, Aura, Regal Select, and more.  They also have a large selection of colors from both Benjamin Moore and Vista Paints.


I will continue to use this location for my paint supplied when serving the Coachella Valley. Their expert advice and qualified products are a contributing factor to our success.

Next time your in this Vista Paint location,  tell them Gabe from Ewing Painting sent you. I’m sure they would love to hear of my support as I have experienced theirs.

Ewing Painting, inc is now on Facebook


Making it easier to find us! Ewing Painting, inc is now on Facebook. I have been told many times to get epi on Facebook. I have to say I should have not waited so long. Its been over a week since making our facebook public. The painting industry has supported us as well as family, friends and past customers. I believe that validates our integrity and passion for our industry and serving our customers. Along with staying in touch with family, friends and customers,  we also network with other painting contractors and suppliers across the globe. This will help keeping us up to date with products and standards within our industry. We hope it will provide you with more information in choosing your right painting contractor.

I would like to formally invite you to venture over to Ewing Painting, inc’s Facebook Page. Give us a Like to follow us. If you have had a experience with Ewing Painting please share on our wall or give us a review. All your input will be appreciated!

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Hickory Smoked Blackened Salmon

I told You I was going to post for my entertainment too. Here it is my 1st selfless post. I should tell you I cook on a pellet smoker, so cooking times can differ depending on what your cooking on. The real importance is the internal temperature which with salmon you want it between 125 to 140

2 1/2 tablespoons paprika
3/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper
1 teaspoon dried thyme
1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
1 1/2 teaspoons kosher salt
3 1/2 tablespoons unsalted butter
4 6-ounce salmon fillets, skinned

I preheated my pellet smoker to 190 for at least 30 minutes. We are using Hickory wood pellets.
Meanwhile, I combine the paprika, cayenne, thyme, garlic powder, and salt. I put the spice in a shaker, like the ones you see in the pizza joints.
I then melted 3 1/2 tablespoons of the butter in a bowl. Working with one salmon fillet at a time, dipping them in butter.
I placed them on my frogmat and coated them generously on the top with the spices.
Into the smoker on the indirect cooking area of the smoker. Once the doors open the temperature drops, I did however plan for that. I want my temperature at 180 which is what it should drop to. Once I close the doors I set the smoker to the 180 desired temperature.
150 to 275 is considered smoking. I let it smoke until the internal temp hit about 110 , then pulled them out and placed them in my warming box. I turned the smoker temperature up for a sear. Once the temperature reached 450 I placed them on the direct flame for 1 minute, flipped them for a quick 10 second sear on the top.

And can I tell you they were delicious!  Crispy on the outside and juicy in the inside 

If you tried this recipe on whatever you cook it on can you tell us about it. I would love to hear how it came out!

3 Year Check Up

Just got down the hill from a project we completed 3 years ago in Idyllwild California. We did do some maintaince sealing last year on the corbals, fascia, arbor and horse walk. We were called back up to do some maintenance on the horse walk and stain and lacquer some new doors installed.

We used Olympic Deck and Siding Semi Transparent stain. The horse walk is holding up in exception of the area that gets full sun for 6 to 7 hours a day.  Overall the product is holding up well. We should be resealing next year to prevent wood from being damaged.

I decided to match the stain in Benjamin Moore ArborCoat. I am interested in seeing if this product will hold up as long or longer.





Power Washing a 2 Story from the Ground

Yesterday we got the opportunity to use the telescopic power washing wond. We are currently repainting fascia boards and eaves in Redlands Ca. This tool gives the advantage of not climbing wet slippery ladders to clean high areas. Using ladders for reach while power washing is not only dangerous but it may not thoroughly clean the surface. When power washing from a ladder you are reaching up left and right. Giving the surface a wash from angles rather than a direct impact of the wash. Using the telescopic wond you are able to thoroughly wash the surface giving you access the ladder can not give you, like houses with fascia boards and eaves.





Color Trend or Color Right

Trendy colors change like the shift of the wind. Today it’s (Benjamin Moore) ‘Desert Twilight’, tomorrow it’s ‘Ocean Air’ and who knows what next year will be. You may be on the search for that trendy color for your siding or stucco walls. You want your front door to feel inviting giving your guest that warm embrace. Color trend may change but your surface will exist for more than a lifetime.  Let me give you something to consider when selecting colors other than trend. Have you thought about if the color is right? What if I said you can promote longevity in your exterior paint through color or even save on your electric bill? Would you believe me if I said color could actually damage your front door or siding? Well it true!

Warping and Cracking
A dark color can warp a front door or vinyl siding. Some door manufacturers will even void warranties if painted in a dark color. The surface can experience extreme heats for long periods causing the surface to warp and flex more than what it was designed for. I have seen basketball size warpage on a front door and have experienced siding warp and pull itself off the building. Those can be dangerous if the siding is above your head. If you have wood siding or fascia board. A dark color can also warp wood and/or cause the wood to crack and split.

Dark color can cause your coating to age faster than the life expectancy of the coating. You could also experience color fadeing faster than normal. The surface experiences extreme heat causeing the coating to work harder, expanding and contracting as temperatures rise and fall. This breaks down the coating at a faster rate compared to a lighter color.

Energy Efficient
Dark color attracts heat from the sun, heating up the surface faster than a lighter color would. This can cause your structure to rise in temperature causing problems as I mentioned above. When everything heats up on the exterior so will your interior. You might find your AC working harder to keep up with your desired temperature, rising temps come with higher cost.

Color Right
Can I take a guess on what you may be thinking?  “So I’m supposed to have a white house!”  Though white seems to be a trend in todays modern designs, NO! You don’t have to stick to white. Both Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams have ‘vinyl safe’ color charts. There is a wide variety of colors to pick from. Colors like (Benjamin Moore) Monroe Bisque, November Rain, Harbor Haze or Light Mocha all are great colors to help promote longevity and energy efficiency. Try and use those colors as a gauge, any darker can cause issues I describe. Lighter colors are OK and can be even better on some surfaces.

I hope I gave you something to think about when selecting colors. Many color articles talk about architectural color trends, forgetting if the color is right for the surface being applied on. I wanted to touch on what the expectancy of applying dark colors in certain conditions and substrates. + ewingpaintingblogandreviews in ONE

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What to expect.

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What content will We be posting

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