Experience Power Care Turbo Nozzle

Well I absolutely love my Power Care Turbo Nozzle, I thought I’d shoot some video of us using it. I’m amazed how easy the lose paint comes off. Comparing to the standard tips this will rock your power washing experience.

After we power washed with the Turbo Nozzle

Interior Painting in Yucaipa California

We had to demo some drywall, patch and texture many stress cracks. We painted all ceilings, walls and basebords. As the owners wanted to keep the doors natural we had to protect them as we did our work. Product we used was Sherwin Williams Promar 200 Zero VOC. We had flat on the ceilings, eggshell on the walls and semi gloss on all baseboards, bathrooms, and laundry room.

Painting at Bear Meadows Big Bear California

We just started on this project. It’s 5 condo buildings a total of 11 units. We are not painting the complete units. Just fixing some bad areas where paint was peeling. We are power washing, scraping off where the paint has been severely flaking and peeling. Next we will prime all where raw wood has been exposed and caulk where needed. We will finish it off with 2 coats of Sherwin Williams SuperPaint. Here are a few pictures of the project.

IMAG0881 IMAG0883 IMAG0884

Interior Painting, ceilings – Yucaipa California

After pole sanding all walls and ceilings we primed all drywall patches, shelving and baseboards. We then applied 2 coats of flat paint on all ceilings.

IMAG0818 IMAG0821 IMAG0817

Interior Painters and Drywall Repair – Yuciapa California

We just started this interior painting project in Yucaipa. This home had a lot of stress crack which took us 2 days just in patch work, not including the texturing. Some areas had severe water damage from a roof leak. We had to rip out some minor drywall and replace it with new drywall board.

Here is the extreme water damage


Here is after we ripped the drywall out, replaced it and taped the joints.


Here is after the texture process


What a difference, we had a lot more drywall patch work. Here are some random picture of the drywall repair.





Exterior Painting in Banning Ca, Before and After

We completed the exterior painting in Banning Ca. After the power washing, wood replacement, scraping, and caulking. My painters and I applied a prime on all the facia boards and wood trim, we also primed the garage door. Our top coats were Vista Paint Duratone flat finish on all the wood work and Sherwin.Williams Solo semi gloss on the garage door.



Exterior Painters in Yucaipa Ca, Senic Crest. Before and After

After much scraping off peeling paint from the wrong application and preparation methods left behind from the previous painter. We finished painting on this house. We had to prime all eaves and fascia board and applied 2 coats of finish.

Check out the before and after.


We used Sherwin Williams Summit primer for all the wood work. We then applied 2 coats of Sherwin Williams A100 exterior flat paint.