Exterior Painters in Yucaipa Ca, Senic Crest. Painting trim

We’re getting close to be done with this one. We are painting the accent color around the windows and fascia board.


Exterior Painting in Banning Ca, Prep and Prime

Our painters just finished the preparation, we prime all fascia boards,wood trim.and gutters. This has been.done with hand application.


Exterior Painting in Banning Ca, Wood Replacement

On the residence we had some wood rot. Our painters had to remove and replace it.

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Power Care Turbo Nozzle

I’m loving my Turbo Nozzle I bought at Home Depot. It is rated for 3000 psi but it works just fine with my 3900 psi John Deer power washer unit.  With its wide circular spray pattern it creates more of a patting rather than a blasting. This takes off lose and peeling paint faster and easier than any standard tip. Sometimes giving me a surface I don’t have to sand or scrape.

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Exterior Painting in Banning Ca, Power Washing.

We just started this home in Banning California. We will only be painting the wood work on this one. (Eaves, siding, window trim, etc). We power wash all exteriors when painting, even if we we’re only painting wood work.

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Exterior Painters in Yucaipa Ca, Senic Crest. Painting the walls

We just finished painting all the walls, what a spectacular transformation this is becoming.


Exterior Painters in Yucaipa Ca, Senic Crest. We start to prime.

WOW! This home required much scraping, whoever painted this home before failed to prime prior to painting a waterborne enamel. After much scraping we were finally able to start priming and patching.

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Question From a Poster

Qualifying a Contractor

” What are some good questions to ask when interviewing?” -Heidi

As I am being considered to construct on ones largest investments, I have become discouraged at times. As I share my knowledge from years of experience to a prospect, it sometimes gets discounted when price comes to the table. “Your much more professional than the other, but the other quote is considerably less than your quote”. Yes, that is a actual quote from a homeowner needing their interior painted. Although a important factor, put price aside when qualifying a contractor. That low price can be enticing, but may turn into deep regret. Qualify your prospect on all aspects. Are they a legitimate contractor? Are they knowledge in their industry? Do they have the experience? If its a no with any of these question, then they may not be qualified. Get involved and ask some questions.

Gulp, do you carry Workers Compensation?” Why is it so hard to ask? It’s your property, your at risk if the contractor has employees. If a employee falls off a ladder or cuts their hand, that employee can sue your homeowner insurance if the contractor is not properly insured. Don’t just ask but request a copy of their insurance certificate. This includes General Liability as well, a simple accident can result in damage to your property.

Are you licensed? Some states and counties require a contractor to be licensed. California contractors need to be licensed and bonded to perform work over $500 in their trade. Although licenses do not guarantee a qualified contractor, it does show their integrity to respects state laws. If they are willing to cheat the system, then they may be willing to cheat you.

What products do you use? Along with a estimate I provide product data pages (pds) of the products I would be using. This give you a true comparison of other estimates, I could be quoting $45 a gallon paint, the other could be $15 a gallon product. PDS’s gives a accurate description of the product along with recommended manufacture preparation and applications procedures. It’s a good way to verify if the contractor is maintaining proper procedures.

I asked this question on Paint Talk, a professional painting forum. CApainter had some good questions to consider.

-How long have they’ve been in business
-Are they in my community
-How many people can I expect to be working at my house
-How long will the job take approximately
-What are the job procedures, roughly
-What are the payment terms
-What are the product and service options

I hope this helps you in choosing the right contractor for your projects.

Exterior Painters in Yucaipa Ca, Senic Crest.

Just started on our next home, power washing today. The paint was coming off with our roto blast tip. The original paint was flaking and peeling. The previous paint job was a low sheen paint which requires a primer on a raw substrate. As you can see the amount of peeling shows they failed to prime.

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Finishing up the Exterior Painting in Yucaipa California, Wildwood area

Just about got it wrapped up here on this beautiful home. Just have some final touches left. We painted the front door and security screen door.

Check out the before and after.