Sanding Freash Start vrs PrimeZall

My last article on the Stain Blocker Primers – Benjamin Moore Fresh Start or Vista Paint PrimeZall gave me the opportunity to test the sanding characteristics of the two products. The temperature high was 72 degrees with a low of 55, giving over 18 hours of cure time (specifications 3 hour re-coat time) with Benjamin Moore Fresh Start 023 primer. We sanded the cabinet doors, the coating had a tack feel as if it was not fully tack free as it also gummed up my sand paper. After reapplying Vista Paints PrimeZall with temperatures in the low 70’s, we gave PrimeZall a hour of cure time (specifications 40 minute re-coat time). The surface seemed to be completely tack free as we started Re-sanding the doors. My 1st impression was how easily the sanding PrimZall was comparing to Fresh Start, it powdered up like those old oil base primers we once knew. Bellow are the pictures of the sand paper used .


Fresh Start 023 – We sanded after 18 hours of cure time.
Sanding Benjamin Moore Fresh Start 032

PrimeZall – Sanded after 1 hour of cure time  Sanding Vista Paint PrimeZall







I look forward to trying the new and improved 046 Fresh Start Superior primer. It claims to have addressed the stain blocking capability with better sanding results


Stain Blocker Primers – Benjamin Moore Fresh Start or Vista Paint PrimeZall

One of my recent projects was to prime and paint some cabinetry for a break room at The Bank Of Hemet. I removed the doors and drawers to paint them in my shop. The primer I intended to use was Vista Paint PrimeZall, unfortunately I had left behind the primer on the job. Remembering I had a a gallon of Benjamin Moore Fresh Start Universal Primer, I thought I could just use that. The reason I was going to use PrimeZall was the outstanding adhesion strength it has along with the ability to block stains. Fresh Start also has outstanding adhesion strength but I was not sure about it’s stain blocking abilities. Reading the Fresh Start label as it reads “suppressing most bleeding type stains including crayon, graffiti, grease marks, water stains”  I felt comfortable in applying Fresh Start as a primer coat for the cabinetry which can have mild stains from grease and water. We prepared the surface by sanding and given it a solvent bath, the results follow.

After Spraying 2 coats of Benjamin Moore Fresh Start (click on pictures to enlarge)

Fresh Start Stain BlockingFresh Start Stain BlockingFresh Start Stain Blocking





Re-sanded and re-coated with Vista Paint PrimeZall

PrimeZall Stain BlockerPrimeZall Stain BlockerPrimeZall Stain Blocker

As the label reads. “unparalleled stain blocking”

Though Fresh Start Universal Primer lacks the stain blocking capability, it is a great primer for adhesion strength and I would use it for that reason. I do feel the label is a bit misleading as it did not suppress mild staining. When I need a primer for both adhesion strength and stain blocking capability, Vista Paint PrimeZall will be my go to primer. I must note that the two primers mentioned are not comparable as Fresh Coat is a water based 100% acrylic primer and PrimeZall is water based epoxy primer. This was review is soly based on the stain blocking capability

Here is the finished product

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